Saturday, September 3, 2011

Two weeks to go!

Here's a list of administrative tasks I had to do before heading out to Oxford.....

  1. Confirm by email if you will be accepting the offer - Done
  1. Pay your 15% non-refundable deposit - Done (Came to £5,445)
  1. Submit your Offer Acceptance Form - Done
  1. Supply your Financial Guarantee documentation - Done
  2.  College placement - Done (Green Templeton College - GTC)
  1. Confirm acceptance of your college place - Done
  1. Secure your accommodation – college/private - Done via GTC (Rewlew Abbey Court)
  1. Obtain a visa - Phew.....Done, after three nerve wracking weeks
  1. Return your Student Contract to generate your University Card - Done (Had to return a hard copy of this as per school regulations)
  1. Pay the balance of your fees - Done.....I now qualify for bankruptcy protection
  2. Register via student self-service - Done
So its official! I'm enrolled at Oxford! Six kings, 48 Nobel prize winners, 26 UK prime ministers, 7 current holders of the Order of Merit, 12 saints, 20 archbishops, 18 cardinals, 1 pope and one Bayo Babalola.....

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