Sunday, March 13, 2011

End of Part One...

My day started with the typical nervousness and incredulousness of such big days....I woke up at 4am and immediately checked my email account....nothing! I got to work and tried to appear productive while hitting the refresh button every ten minutes....nothing! I went on a few online forums (gmatclub, papalguy) where fellow mba applicants were waiting nervously all over the world....nobody had heard anything!

At about 12 noon, I went into a meeting that would go on to last two hours.....tried checking my email account several times on my blackberry but couldnt seem to log on. It was probably for the  best because the managing director of my firm was in the meeting and i cannot say for sure what my reaction to getting the email would have been! Meeting over, I bounded down the stairs and ran to my desk.....three unread mails! One of which was from the admissions guys at Oxford! Of course I checked the irrelevant emails first and then slowly clicked on the one that mattered....

'Dear Adebayo
I am delighted to confirm the decision of the MBA Committee to'

I blacked out for a second, my colleague said I started thumping my chest like a gorrilla but to be honest, he's not a very credbile source.....I  remember standing up from my desk, smiling and looking decidedly retarded! My colleagues noticed of course and converged round my computer to read the rest of the email...

'offer you a place on the 2011-2012 programme.
Your interviewer was very impressed when they spoke to you during your interview and the MBA Committee has agreed that you meet the very high standard expected of an Oxford Student.
We hope very much that you will accept the Committee's offer and join the 2011-2012 class. We aim to welcome another class of around 230 to the next MBA, allowing each student to benefit from close supportive and constructive relationships with Faculty.'

There is no better feeling than opening up that email that tells you all your work has paid of your dreams has come have achieved what you set out to achieve.....

This marks the end of the first chapter.....and the beginning of a new one....


  1. Congratulations Adebayo. Look forward to meeting you in the fall!

  2. Thanks saket....look forward to meeting you as well!

  3. Congratulations!!! wow Oxford!(droollll) Good for you.

    I too am a level II candidate. Best of luck to you this June and at Oxford. and you are funny. "I wanted to take the computer out to dinner" hahaha

  4. Thanks for your kind compliments TK...all the best with your blog as well...lucky you! You don't have to work and study for this exam at the same time....keep at it and i'm sure you'll be just fine... Cheers

  5. oh haha thank you. Yeah I try to be positive and look at it as a good thing that I have all the time I need to study. The exam must be TOUGH from reading your posts and from others.