Thursday, December 9, 2010

Can it be over already???

Ok i'm officially fatigued. I've been perusing mba blogs, webistes and brochures since my fascination with the MBA started in 2008. Can't afford to be just yet though....I haven't finished my Said application. I have first drafts of both my essays ready though and for a first draft, I must say I'm reasonably happy! I've also gotten good feedback on the essays and everyone seems to like them. So I need to conclude the essays and get one of my recommenders to send hers in....the other sent his in almost immediately I asked him to....bless him!

Said's essays are pretty cool....the first one;
Why did you choose your current Job? How do you hope to see your career developing over the next five years? How will an MBA help you achieve this? 750 words

Pretty straightfoward.......i explained how every move in my career was to intentionally lead up to a job in private equity. I also explained how i felt i needed a better grounding in business fundamentals and the networking benefits derivable. I further tied it to my desire to attend SBS in particular.....the fact that the school has a private equity institute and its close proximity to london. I also mentioned the names of a few professors for effect!

The second one was even more exciting!
Which recent world event, development and book has most influenced your thinking and why? (1000 words)
Here i used two books.....My Life by Bill Clinton and My Journey by Tony Blair. I explained how i believed Nigerian politicians were the biggest problem in Nigeria until i read both books. The books highlighted the similarities in politicians all over the world. I realised that the problem with Nigeria is essentially the fact that politicians are not held accountable for their actions by the electorate as a result of the flaws in the voting system and went on to provide examples from the current situation in Nigeria and both books.

In other news, I got promoted today! I need to let the adcom guys at cambridge know as circumstances have changed. My new role entails supervision of junior analysts so that's significant!


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