Friday, November 12, 2010

Application seaason's in full swing with my first deadline on the 7th of December (Judge Business School). I've uploaded all my essays and my referees have sent in their references. Just waiting for my mastercard to be activated so I can pay the application fee. Problem is my next deadline is only a month away (said). I have to get two essays, write toefl and complete the application in about a month. Its a tough ask but doable. I'll upload my application essays in my next post.

On th personal angle, I was robbed recently at home and documented my goes;

The clock just struck 2am.....the night was silent and peaceful. I had just entered my third tier of dreams(inception style) when I heard an explosion like noise...I jumped up.....what was that? I pondered....was it a gas explosion? OMG I'm gonna die! This is how it'll all end!
And then I heard it again....No it wasn't an explosion.....some pple were trying to break down my door! I tiptoed to the door, briefly considering grabbing a knife from the kitchen....a mental picture of the knife sticking out of my neck stopped that line of thought....
I looked through the peep hole....and alas! I saw a lot of torchlights and heard voices....they had switched off the lights in the passage! The third bang explained what was happening...they had brought along a huge metal battering ram to break down my door! I could hear the door giving way.....what do I do?
I ran to the balcony(not sure why) soon as I got there, I found myself in d spotlight! They had more people watching on the street! They had pointed their own torches at me! I fell to the floor (like a well trained navy seal....yeah, fear does that to you)....and rolled back into the house
At this point, sensing defeat, I decided to open the door for I walked toward d door, another bang followed by the sound of the door opening startled me! Like a guy with good home training, I postrated flat on the floor....declaring my willingness to co-operate with their excellencies....
Where 'h'is your money? Bellowed one guy with a chronic case of 'H' factor....'its in my wallet in d room'. But who answered? That's not my voice! That's a girl's voice! What happened to my deep manly voice? Apparently, its a medical condition called AK47laria....affects male voices!
As one of the guys marched toward my prized laptop with glee in his eyes, another was fiddling with my prized flat screen tv...My TV? Lailai! They cannot take it o....I this point, I remembered how spartacus was inspired to kill everybody that was messing with his prized possesion....with my brow furrowed, one eyebrow raised and fist clenched....Gbosa! A kick in my face woke me from my little day dream....wia is ur car key?
Na third party insurance I get o....I thought...e don finish for me today! My car key? I stammered....its somewhere here....lemme look for it. For some reason, their excellencies lost interest and proceeded to repeat the process with my neighbours next door.... As I watched them drive away from the window 30 minutes later....I pondered what might have been...and proceeded to watch a repeat episode of girls of the playboy mansion....afterall, life is short!

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  1. Bro., you write really really well first, I was concerned for you...then I started laughing....well, good to know you're okay after all that.Which TV you come use watch your girls at the.... then? lol